Platinum Debit Card

A Mission Fed Platinum Debit Card from Mastercard® with no monthly usage fee offers an easy way to access your Breeze Spending Account or your Mission Fed Checking Account. Plus, this Platinum Card is a Debit Card that offers protection that you won’t get if you pay with cash or write a check.

Pay with your Mobile Device

You can securely store and use your Mission Fed Debit Card on Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay using supported devices. Then you can make easy and secure payments in stores and online at participating merchants with just the touch of your finger.

Convenient access

Use your card everywhere Mastercard is accepted around the world! Check your purchases online with Online Banking. You’re always welcome to talk to a Mission Fed representative for personalized assistance—we're right here in San Diego. And because your Platinum Debit Card is your go-to card for making purchases, we offer instant issue for a new or replacement card at any of our branches.

Use your Mission Fed Platinum Debit Card at wholesale clubs

Did you know that wholesale clubs such as Costco® accept Mission Fed Platinum Debit Cards? The next time you’re shopping at a wholesale club such as Costco or Sam’s Club®, you can use your Mission Fed Platinum Debit Card when you check out. At Costco, you’ll need to use your PIN and at Sam’s Club, you can use the signature option.

Contactless for quick, easy and secure checkout

Mission Fed Debit Cards with the contactless symbol allow you to tap-to-pay for a fast, no-touch and secure checkout.

Enjoy Special discounts, purchase protection and more with your account

This isn’t your average Debit Card—it's Platinum! As a card holder, you will enjoy a whole new world of benefits when you use your new Platinum Debit Card to make signature-based purchase transactions (choosing "Credit" instead of "Debit" at checkout). Additionally, there is no annual fee. Just take a look at the chart below.

Enhanced ID Theft Protection

Mastercard Enhanced ID Theft Protection includes: One-bureau credit monitoring, high-risk transaction monitoring and alerts and white-glove restoration service. Certain terms may apply. Sign up today at

All Mission Fed members are automatically enrolled in our Fraud Text Alert Service which sends a real time text alert to your mobile phone if we detect suspicious transactions. Mission Fed will never call you and ask for your Digital Banking username and/or password, Mission Fed account number, Debit or Credit Card number and PIN, or any other private information.

Enjoy the advantages

Be sure to request a Platinum Debit Card with your Mission Fed Credit Union Checking Account today! Life can get complicated, but banking is easy and secure with our financial institution.

Mission Fed also offers a Platinum Credit Card. Apply online today.

Platinum Debit Card Benefits
No Monthly Fee We do not charge a monthly Debit Card usage fee.
Zero Liability You pay only for purchases you have authorized on your card.
Extended Warranty Doubles the original manufacturer warranty up to a maximum of twelve (12) months on most items you purchase.
Satisfaction Guarantee Purchases are covered for sixty (60) days from date of purchase for a full refund in the event you are dissatisfied and the store will not accept the item for return.

Benefit brochures and agreements

Mastercard Platinum Benefits Guide

Debit Card Agreement

What if my card gets lost or stolen?

If your card is stolen or lost, get in touch with us immediately so that we can help prevent unauthorized charges from being made on your card. We will also start the process of getting you a new card. Toll-Free within the USA: 800.500.6328; Local and Outside the USA: 858.524.2850. Learn more here.

How to get a PIN

Some merchants may require a PIN to complete a transaction. To obtain a PIN, please call us at 888.891.2435.

Is overdraft protection available?

We do offer options for overdraft protection. Debit Privilege is available for debit card transactions, and Courtesy Pay is offered to qualified members for ACH transactions. Learn more here.

ATM Withdrawals

Surcharge-Free Access at 30,000 CO-OP Network ATMs across the country. For additional information visit our ATM locator page.

Mastercard® SecureCode

More people are shopping online than ever before. Be sure to make your online shopping more secure with the benefits of Mastercard® SecureCode™. Learn more.

The wholesale clubs listed above are in no way affiliated with Mission Fed, nor are they considered sponsors or co-sponsors of the program. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Enhanced ID Theft Protection is limited to cardholders with a US issued card. Additional terms and conditions apply. 6/19

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