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Checking and Spending Accounts

Banking That Works For Everyone

Checking & Spending

Checking and Spending Accounts

Mission Fed’s checking and spending accounts make it easy to manage your money with mobile and online banking options to help you easily pay bills and access your money on the go. All of our accounts offer:

  • Platinum debit card with contactless payments
  • Access to 30,000 fee-free ATMs nationwide
  • 24/7 access via Mobile or Online Banking
  • Mobile deposit via our Mobile Banking app
  • Send and receive money with Zelle®1
  • Helpful customer service via phone, email or secure web chat

Choose what’s best for you

Open the account that fits your lifestyle and your banking needs. 

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Breeze Spending

  • Totally free
  • No minimum balance
  • Online statements and documents 
  • Free overdraft protection
  • Platinum debit card
  • Easy Mobile and Online Banking options
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Easy Checking

  • Free with eStatements2
  • Online statements and documents  
  • Unlimited check writing
  • Platinum debit card
  • Easy Mobile and Online Banking options
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Smart Checking

  • Monthly fee waived with monthly direct deposit of $500 or more or average daily balance of $1,500
  • Earn dividends on your account 
  • Online statements and documents  
  • Unlimited check writing
  • Platinum Debit Card
  • Easy Mobile and Online Banking options
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Open Your Checking or Spending Account Today

  1. When you’re ready, you’ll need:

    – Proof that you live, work, worship or go to school in San Diego (see full eligibility on our Membership page)
    – Two forms of unexpired ID, including at least one valid government ID
    – Your valid social security number or individual tax identification number (ITIN)
    – An opening deposit, as little as $5

  2. Choose if you’d like to open an account: 

    – Online: Get Started
    – Over the phone: 800.500.6328
    – Your local branch: Make an appointment

  3. Once you are approved, you can begin using your account right away!

    – Download the mobile app for even easier access to your money.


After finally getting fed up with the impersonal treatment from the mega-banks, I switched to Mission Federal. It was like coming home. They align with my values. I feel good doing business with Mission Fed. I’m a member for life.


Checking & Spending Account FAQs

What is a checking account?

A regular checking account is used for money you intend to spend relatively quickly or frequently, as opposed to a savings account that is used to save money for larger purchases or emergencies. Most people use these accounts for paying their regular bills and completing everyday transactions like groceries, gas or other necessities. Checking Accounts require an initial deposit and then allow you to deposit and withdraw money. If you receive a paycheck via direct deposit, you’re likely to have that money deposited into a Checking Account.

What's the difference between a checking and spending account? 

A spending and checking account are similar in that you can use these accounts to pay for everyday transactions like groceries, gas or other necessities. Here’s how our Breeze Spending account differs from a checking account:

  • The Breeze Spending account is free with no monthly fee3
  • Our Easy and Smart Checking accounts are free if you enroll with e-statements or maintain a daily balance requirement
    • Easy Checking is $2/month without e-statements
    • Smart Checking requires a daily balance or a minimum direct deposit, otherwise, it is $7/month
  • The Breeze Spending account offers debit card access and no check writing
  • Easy and Smart Checking also offer debit card access and have free, unlimited check writing
  • Breeze Spending allows you to access your paycheck up to 2 days earlier when you use direct deposit4

What do I need to open a checking and spending account? 

In order to open a new account, you’ll need

  • Proof that you live, work, worship or go to school in San Diego (see full eligibility on our Membership page)
  • Two forms of ID, including at least one valid government ID
  • Your social security number
  • An opening deposit, as little as $5

How do I open a checking and spending account?

Opening a bank account with Mission Fed is easy. You can apply online, in person, or over the phone!

No matter how you choose to apply, we make the process fast and easy. If you’d like help applying or aren’t sure which account is right for you, call us or make an appointment and we’ll help you.

How old do I have to be to open a checking and spending account? 

The minimum age for opening an account is 13 with a parent/legal guardian signer. Ages 16 and 17 with valid government-issued ID do not require a parent / legal guardian signer.

Can I open a checking and spending account online? 

Absolutely! We want to make opening an account as easy and convenient as possible. Apply online today and get a fast response. Once you’ve been approved, just make your initial deposit (as little as $5), and you’re all set!

After you open your account online, sign up for Mobile or Online Banking to access your account from anywhere.

Do I need both a checking and spending and a savings account? 

Both accounts are important for managing your personal finances. But they each have different purposes.

  • Checking and spending accounts are great for everyday expenses. You can use a debit card with your account for daily transactions like grocery shopping. However, they traditionally offer no or lower dividend rates.
  • Savings accounts are meant for saving money, instead of spending. They offer higher dividend rates. You can also access your money in your savings account through ATM withdraws.

Learn more about our savings accounts here.

Must meet membership and account opening criteria. Rates, terms, and conditions subject to change without notice. Mobile deposits subject to verification and may not be available immediately; other restrictions apply. Mobile and data rates apply when using mobile banking.

1Zelle and the Zelle related marks are wholly owned by Early Warning Services, LLC and are used herein under license. Must have a bank account in the U.S. to use Zelle. Mobile carrier fees may apply. Other restrictions may apply.

2Additional fees may apply.  For example, stop payment fees, wire transfer fees or overdraft fees may apply.  See our Fee Schedule for more details.

3The Breeze Spending Account has no monthly, maintenance, overdraft or NSF fees. Fees like debit card replacement fees, foreign transaction fees, or out of network ATM fees or fees for extra services like, wire transfers may apply to your account. See our Fee Schedule for more details.

4Early paycheck availability depends on when we receive the payment file from your employer. Actual deposit date is not guaranteed.

Overdraft protection for debit card transactions requires enrollment and is available up to $20 without direct deposit. $100 overdraft coverage requires enrollment and qualifying direct deposits of at least $500 into your Breeze Spending Account. Overdraft transactions are paid at our discretion. If we do not authorize and pay an overdraft, your transaction may be declined. Mission Fed will not charge you an overdraft or NSF fee, but you may be charged a fee by third parties such as businesses attempting to debit your account. Any negative balances that result from overdraft protection must be paid within 30 days from the date your account becomes negative. Overdraft protection may not be available for all Breeze Spending Accounts.