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Gift Cards & Prepaid Travel Cards


Practical Ways to Pay

Reloadable Visa® Gift Cards and Visa TravelMoney® are secure and practical options that are more secure than cash and checks.

Visa Gift Cards

  • Always a popular gift
  • Available in amounts from $10 to $500
  • $3.50 for the purchase of each gift card
  • $5 monthly fee, after 12 consecutive months of non-usage

Visa TravelMoney Reloadable Cards

  • The perfect travel companion
  • Purchase or reload with amounts from $100 to $5,000
  • $5 for the purchase of each TravelMoney Card, and $2 for each reload
  • $5 monthly fee, after 10 consecutive months of non-usage
  • Save time — purchase Visa Gift Cards and Visa TravelMoney Cards now at any branch

Gift Card Agreement
TravelMoney Prepaid Debit Card Agreement

Fees and restrictions apply. Please refer to the Services Credit Union Gift Card Agreement or Visa TravelMoney Card Agreement for complete details. Visa and all related trade names are service marks of Visa International Services Association.