Mission Fed Coin Counters

Mission Fed Coin Counters

The fast and easy way to deposit your loose change

Did you know that we have Mission Coin Counters at most of our branches? That means there’s no need for you to count and roll your loose change. It’s a quick and easy way to sort mixed coin fast and accurately—and the Coin Counter does all the work.

As another member benefit, coin processing up to $500 per month is free at the Coin Counter and Teller Line combined. Amounts over $500 per month will be charged 8%.

So, search your pockets, the bottom of your purse or that bag of accumulated change in the back of your closet. Maybe even crack open that piggy bank. Then bring all that loose change to a Coin Counter at a branch near you:

The non-member fee is 8% of the total coin amount.

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