Mission Fed’s EasySave Program makes building your savings account easier than ever. Here’s how it works:

  • Spend and build your savings: Each time you make a non-ATM transaction with your Mission Fed Debit Card, we’ll round up the transaction amount to the nearest dollar and transfer the difference to your savings account. If you selected an add-on amount between $1 and $5 when you enrolled, we’ll transfer that amount too. Transactions with even dollar amounts will only have the add-on amount transferred, if selected.
  • We make it simple: Your actual Debit Card transaction amount will still show on your statement as the exact purchase amount. At the end of each day, we’ll calculate the total amount to be saved and transfer it as a lump sum from your checking to your savings the following morning.
  • You control the savings: You can choose to unenroll in EasySave or change the add-on amount at any time via Mobile or Online Banking, calling us or visiting a branch.

Log onto Mobile or Online Banking, call us, or visit any branch to enroll and watch your savings grow!

ATM withdrawals are excluded from the EasySave program, and the daily EasySave transfer will not occur if there are insufficient funds to cover the full amount. Returned purchases will not affect the EasySave transfer amount. Business accounts are not eligible for the EasySave Program. Mission Fed reserves the right to change, modify or cancel this program at any time.

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