Mission Federal Education Savings

Mission Federal Coverdell Education Savings Account (ESA)

A credit union savings account designed to accelerate growth of funds for school. Contribute up to $2,000 of after-tax dollars annually to accumulate
funds for education.

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Coverdell ESA benefits:

  • Contribute $2,000 a year of after-tax money to build
    an education faster.
  • All earnings on your contributions grow tax-free and stay tax-free, as long as the funds are used for qualified expenses, including elementary, secondary, and post secondary education.
  • Covers expenses for virtually all accredited public, non-profit, and private institutions: elementary, secondary, and post secondary.
  • Eligible elementary or secondary schools include any public, private or religious schools.
  • Post-secondary education includes any college, university,
    and vocational school expenses.
  • You can contribute funds until your child turns 18-years old
    and your child has until age 30 to use the funds and receive the tax exemption.
  • Transferable to eligible family members.

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The Coverdell Education Savings Account is NOT a retirement arrangement. It is a trust or a custodial account created only for the purpose of paying the Education Expenses at a qualified institution of the Designated Beneficiary of the account.

Who is the Designated Beneficiary?
The designated beneficiary is the child on whose behalf the trust or custodial account has been established.

Qualified Education Expenses
Education expenses include qualified elementary and secondary education expenses, in addition to post-secondary higher education.

Tuition, Fees, Books, Supplies, Academic Tutoring, Equipment, Special services in the case of a special-needs beneficiary, and Room and board if the beneficiary is at least a part-time student at an eligible educational institution.

Contributions & Limits
Any individual may contribute to a child’s Coverdell account if they meet the following guidelines:

  • The depositor’s Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) is within IRS guidelines.
  • The maximum contribution per year per child is $2,000.
  • Contributions are NOT permitted in the year the child turns 18 or any year after.
  • Contributions will be accepted until the tax filing deadline, usually April 15th, for the previous tax year.


Distributions & Penalties

  • Earnings withdrawals from a Coverdell ESA are “tax-free” if funds are used
    for qualified educational expenses at qualified educational institutions.
  • The funds in this account must be withdrawn within 30 days after the beneficiary
    reaches the age 30.
  • Non-qualified distributions will incur an IRS penalty of 10% and taxation.


Coverdell Education Savings Accounts - IRS TAX TIP

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