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Mission 2 $ave

Promoting Financial Literacy

Helping the Future Save for the Future

Mission 2 $AVE Program

The Mission 2 $AVE program helps children learn how to save money. We want to help children understand the value of savings. That’s why we offer a savings incentive to every Mission 2 $AVE account. Accounts with balances up to $500 earn 5.00% APY until July 1 after your child’s 13th birthday.

Mission 2 $AVE Credit Union at School Program

Did you know Mission Fed partners with local schools for our Mission 2 $AVE Credit Union at School Program? More than 4,300 students across 44 schools have savings accounts with this award-winning program.

Thank you to everyone who participates and supports our Mission 2 $AVE programs. Investing in the future is an investment in our community.

Volunteers – log in here to enter your school’s deposits.

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Must meet membership and account criteria. Mission 2 $ave only available for minors aged 1-12. Minimum opening deposit $1. Balances above $500 or after July 1 of the child’s 13th birthday earn the regular Savings rate. Account must be opened jointly with a parent/legal guardian. Withdrawals and fees could reduce earnings. Rates, terms and conditions subject to change.