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Whether you’re looking to save for a “rainy day” holiday expenses, your child’s future, or a special occasion, a Mission Fed Savings Account with online access can help you reach your financial goals.

When you open a Savings Account with us, you’ll benefit from competitive rates, no monthly usage fees or minimum balance requirements, 24/7 access via Online Banking and our Mission Fed Mobile Banking App with Mobile Deposit. Compare Mission Fed’s Savings Account options to find the right one for you.

Standard Summer or Holiday Saver Youth
Best for Standard Savings account Save for summer or holiday cash Ages birth through 17
Dividends Competitive rates
Earn dividends on any balance.
Higher rates than Standard Savings Competitive rates
Earn dividends on any balance.
Initial deposit $1 minimum $20-500 $1 minimum
Monthly fee None
Balance requirement   $20-$500 Monthly Transfer  
Online/phone access Free, 24/7
Multiple accounts Have up to 7 with unique names One Holiday and one Summer Saver Account per member Joint account with parent/legal guardian; ages 16 & 17 with valid government-issued ID do not require parent/legal guardian
Checking overdraft protection Yes N/A
CO-OP ATM 8 per month N/A 8 per month
Mission Fed ATM Unlimited free use N/A Unlimited free use

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If this is your first time opening a Savings Account in San Diego, or you’re looking to expand to a new account, Mission Fed can help you select the Savings Account with online access that’s right for you.

Our Standard Savings Account offers you competitive rates and allows you to earn dividends on any balance with only a $1 initial deposit minimum. You’ll be able to create up to seven different accounts, each with a unique name, so that you can save for a variety of financial goals. Whether you’re saving for home costs, tuition, travel, or just a rainy day, Mission Fed gives you the flexibility and convenience to save the way you want. You’ll also benefit from overdraft protection, unlimited and free use of Mission Fed ATMs.

For those looking to save up for a special vacation or trip, our Summer Saver Savings Account is a simple way to prepare for the sunshine. With higher rates than our Standard Account, you can start saving for your summer right away. Shopping for friends and family members during the holidays can add up, which is why our Holiday Saver Savings Account is designed to help you prepare for the season with higher competitive rates and no monthly usage fees or balance requirements. And for the younger crowd that’s looking to save for the future, our Youth Savings Account is available from birth through age 17 with a joint parent/legal guardian signer.

Get started today and open a Savings Account with Mission Fed—let us help you plan for the future and meet your financial goals. Apply online, visit us at one of our many branches or contact us if there is anything we can assist you with.

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