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For your security: After multiple unsuccessful attempts, your account will be locked to prevent unauthorized use. If this happens, please contact us for assistance, at 800.500.6328 or 858.524.2850.

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Mission Fed Online Banking that’s open day and night and never takes a day off—it’s easy access, even when you’re away from San Diego.

Better still, it’s as close as your nearest PC, laptop or mobile device, and it’s free!

With Online Banking, you can accomplish just about any transaction you'd handle at a conventional branch - access your accounts, transfer funds, pay bills and more. Online Banking also supports downloading transaction history into money management programs. Read more about eDocuments and transaction downloading here.

Use the large format login to access Online Banking from your mobile device, or check out our Mobile Banking apps.

I absolutely love your app. Easy, functional, and practical. My bank knows how to make an app!-M. D.

Account Information

Use Online Banking to view your account balances, detailed account history, cleared check images, and statements.


Transfer funds between accounts on a one-time immediate, one-time scheduled, or recurring basis. Online Banking also lets you edit/cancel pending transfers and view transfer history.

Bill Payment

Pay bills with just a few mouse clicks. No more envelopes and stamps to worry about.

Member Services

Online Banking lets you change your address, email or phone numbers, stop payment on a check, order checks, send travel notes, set up account alerts and notifications, change your username and password, and send us a secure e-mail.

My Mortgage

This new online service provides convenient access to your Mortgage Loan: both First Trust Deed and Second Trust Deed Mortgages (not HELOCs or Commercial Real Estate Loans) via Mission Fed Online Banking. Enjoy these features:

  • View loan details for active and inactive (paid-off) accounts
  • View loan history
  • View tax and insurance information
  • View ARM information (if applicable)
  • Process one-time payments
  • Maintain recurring payments—set up, modify and delete

You can access My Mortgage by logging onto Online Banking. Navigate to your Mortgage Loan and select the “Pay Now” button/link to display the My Mortgage Logon screen. Then log into the My Mortgage site, where you’ll be asked to set up an additional login.

Please note that My Mortgage cannot be used to make payments or access information on HELOCs (Home Equity Lines of Credit), but you can use Mission Fed Online Banking for that. For payments on Commercial Real Estate Loans, please contact us to set up an automatic payment from your Mission Fed account or another financial institution, or mail a check directly to us.

For more information about My Mortgage, please refer to the My Mortgage FAQ. And if you have any questions, please call Loan Servicing at 800.500.6328, ext. 2040.

Depending on your loan type or status, access to My Mortgage may be limited.

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