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Jul 27, 2018

What are you saving for?

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Once you know what you want to save for, you can create a savings plan and open your credit union savings account—and we can help! Explore these savings ideas and then get started making a list of your own.

Plan for Adventure
Whether you’re flying solo or bringing the entire crew, you can have more adventure when you plan ahead and put extra cash from bonuses, tax refunds or gifts into your vacation fund. Recharge, relax and have new experiences when you save in advance with Mission Fed!

Go the Extra Mile
Holidays and celebrations should be shared with family and friends! Create a budget and eliminate unnecessary expenses like eating out and those expensive shoes. Plus, it feels better to give than receive, and when you travel to see the ones you love, you’ll create truly special memories.

Monumental Events
Adulthood may mean moving, finding a new job, getting married, purchasing a home and starting a family. Embrace these moments and feel confident by selecting a Savings Account, Money Market or Certificate. The next chapter is waiting—get ready for it!

We’re all saving for a goal, and whatever it is, putting your money in the right account can make a difference—check out Mission Fed’s wide variety of Accounts:

Standard Savings Accounts
You can deposit as little as $1 to start, with no monthly fee, while earning competitive rates. Plus, you can open more than one Standard Savings Account if you want to save for multiple goals.

Summer or Holiday Saver
Save money for a special event or time of year with a Mission Fed Summer or Holiday Saver Account. These Savings Accounts offer higher dividend rates than our Standard Savings Accounts and are limited to one account per member.

Money Market Accounts
If you typically maintain a balance of $2,500 or more in your savings account, you could earn a higher dividend rate with Mission Fed Money Market Accounts. These dividends are paid monthly and are calculated based on your average daily balance.

A Term Certificate offers you peace of mind with a fixed dividend rate. Our credit union Certificates are flexible to fit your needs offering terms from 3 to 60 months for balances ranging from $2,000 to $100,000 plus.

With a savings plan and the right Savings Accounts, you can accomplish your savings goals. If you’d like to discuss your specific goals and don’t know where to start, we can help. Stop by any of our convenient branches, send a secure message via Online Banking or give us a call at 800.500.6328. Our financial representatives can help you create a savings plan that is right for you.

Click the infographic below to view the enlarged version and visit your local branch.

what are you saving for infographic

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