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Credit unions provide many of the same services and security provided by traditional banks, but because credit unions are not-for-profit, they’re able to use their assets to benefit credit union members. This can mean lower rates on loans and higher earnings on savings. And that’s just some of the reasons your friends are joining a credit union. Learn more about all the benefits and money-saving advantages a credit union can offer you today.
Newsletters, whether online or in print, are a source of consumer information. Terri Miracle, VP Creative and Communication, shares how she developed her love of newsletters and she applies that enthusiasm today to Mission Fed’s quarterly newsletter, Mission Notes.
Managing your finances can be an overwhelming task, especially when living paycheck to paycheck, trying to get out of debt, or just trying to reduce spending so you can save. Read how to bring your financial life together by following these three steps.
Credit cards are extremely helpful for building credit if you use them wisely and make sure to pay them off quickly. Getting a credit union credit card can help you build credit while saving you money with lower APR rates, fewer fees and better rewards.
We’re making managing your Mission Fed accounts in Mobile Banking and Online Banking smarter and more personalized. Learn more about our Digital Banking services and why being a Mission Fed member means banking more efficiently.
Paper checks aren’t used as frequently as they once were, but you might be surprised to learn that they come in handy more often than you might expect. Paper checks are still helpful for sending gifts of money, avoiding card fees, making payments without online access and making payments where cards aren’t accepted. While it’s helpful to keep checks on hand for these reasons, digital banking has its benefits, including security and convenience. Take advantage of both paper checks and digital banking benefits with a Checking Account at Mission Fed.
When it’s time to choose where to bank, it’s important to understand the products and services offered, the nearest branch location, digital banking options and what resources the bank or credit union has for customers.
As a first-time homebuyer, you probably have many questions. Asking a mortgage professional is always a good idea, and it might also be helpful to ask your trusted friends and family who have experience buying a home about their recommendations, too. Here’s what you should know as a first-time homebuyer:
Do you know all the benefits of opening a checking account? Using a checking account not only helps you keep track of your spending and payments, but it can also give you access to your money more easily while keeping it safe and offer you convenient tools, too. Learn how to take advantage of the benefits that come with a checking account.

When it comes to safety and security with Online Banking, are you safe? That depends on your habits when you access your financial information. Be cautious about how and when you access your secure information and whom you choose to share it with. At Mission Fed, your success is our bottom line, so we incorporate secure technology and best practices to make sure your information and your money are as safe as possible. When you use caution while accessing secure sites and bank with institutions like Mission Fed that invest in secure technology, your accounts and information are much safer.


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