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Dec 28, 2018

Check Out our 2019 Financial Resolutions Infographic

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According to new data from Principal Financial Group® 94 percent of American millennials plan on making financial resolutions in 2019—and we can help!

Check out our 2019 Financial Resolution Infographic and blog to get started before the New Year.

Make a financial plan

Make a financial plan and a budget to help you save money and reach your goals. Start by identifying your monthly expenses including rent, utilities, food, phone, entertainment, savings and bills.

Change your spending habits

Cut down on convenience spending, like buying coffee or lunch out, and put that cash right into your Savings Account instead.

Pay yourself

Designate a specific amount to save from each paycheck, so you’re more likely to stay committed to your savings goals.

Create savings goals

Short-term savings goals can help you save for the holidays or a special trip, while long-term savings goals are excellent for emergency savings, retirement, down payments and more.

Choose the right Savings Account

Any Savings Account you choose should help you build interest; a Money Market Account can offer higher dividends than traditional Savings Accounts.

Term Certificates can help you plan ahead

Use a credit union Certificate to help you plan for short- and long-term financial goals. You’ll benefit from higher dividend rates, and you can ladder your Certificates so they mature in time for your goals.

Commit to paying down debt

Just like committing to saving money each month to build your Savings Account, it’s equally important to designate a certain amount each month to paying down your loan and credit card debt.

Stop by and find out how Mission Fed can help you with your financial resolutions now and throughout 2019.

Click the infographic below to view the enlarged version and visit your local branch.

we can help you meet your financial resolutions in 2019

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