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Facing Foreclosure, What You Should Know

The federal financial institutions regulatory agencies encourage financial institutions to work constructively with homeowners who are financially unable to make their contractual payment obligations on their home loans. Many homeowners may face significant payment increases when their adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) loans reset in the coming months. These borrowers may not have sufficient financial capacity to service a higher debt load, especially if they were qualified based on a low introductory payment. The agencies have long encouraged borrowers who are unable to meet their contractual obligations to contact their credit union or servicer to discuss possible payment alternatives at the earliest indication of such problems.

Mission Fed Money Match

Our members are great—and we’re grateful! That’s why we’ll be thanking you all year for choosing Mission Fed. We’ll be rewarding members by matching the dollar amount of the winning members’ loan payment, Debit or Credit Card purchase or Direct Deposit, up to a certain amount.