Message from the Mission Fed CEO

Why Milestones are Meaningful

photo of Debra SchwartzDebra Schwartz

In October we celebrated the milestone of 200,000 members. That number is important because it means Mission Fed is meeting the needs of our membership while offering personalized service to each individual who requests a loan, opens an account, emails us, calls us or visits a branch for their financial needs.

We also recently reached the milestone of $3 Billion in assets. That number is significant because it means we are large enough to serve your growing needs with the financial strength and stability to offer great loan rates, provide exciting new services and enhance the services you rely on. We will continue to upgrade our technology, such as the new Mobile Banking app; and support 30 branches, with more locations and remodels on the way. We are proud to give back to our members with our $1 Million Mission Fed Money Match, as well as supporting our community nonprofits through dozens of sponsorships and events every year.

Earning trust, investing in our membership’s success and caring for our community—that’s our mission.


Signature of Debra Schwartz

Debra Schwartz
President and CEO