Proof of Insurance

Proof of Insurance

If you have an Auto Loan or Mortgage with Mission Federal Credit Union in San Diego, you will be required to provide us with proof of insurance and add Mission Fed as a Lienholder.

Auto Loans

For Auto Loans, Mission Fed requires full coverage insurance and reviews insurance documents to confirm if the policy includes:

  • Comprehensive: $1,000 deductible or less
  • Collision: $1,000 deductible or less
  • Lienholder: Mission Federal Credit Union, PO Box 910501, San Diego, CA 92191

Submit proof of your auto insurance to Mission Fed by one of the following:

When submitting proof of insurance don’t forget to:

  • Send a copy of your insurance policy “Declarations Page” or “Lienholder Endorsement” showing vehicle information, policy number, effective dates and coverages included on the vehicle.
  • Double-check that the Lienholder specifies “Mission Federal Credit Union.”
  • Include your name and vehicle description. For your security, please do NOT include any other personal information, such as your 8-digit Mission Fed account number.

Mortgage Loans

For Mortgage Loans, Mission Fed requires proof of Homeowners insurance. If your home is located in a condominium complex you are required to provide the HOA Master policy and Individual Unit Owners policy.

  • Mortgagee Clause: Mission Federal Credit Union, PO Box 690626, San Antonio, TX 78269-0626

Mission Fed has partnered with Southwest Business Corporation (SWBC) to track and verify all Mortgage insurance coverage. If you have received a letter from SWBC asking for proof of insurance, please update your insurance policy to list Mission Fed as an Additional Insured.

Submit proof of your home insurance to Mission Fed by one of the following:

Questions regarding homeowners insurance documents can be directed to:

  • SWBC Insurance Tracking: 866.844.3937
  • Mission Fed: 858.524.2850 ext. 2075

Update your Home Insurance

Before submitting proof of insurance, please make sure that Mission Federal Credit Union is listed on your policy as Lien Holder/Loss Payee, with the address as follows:
PO Box 690626, San Antonio, TX 78269-0626.

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