Mission Fed Mastercard® Credit Cards

Limited time offer: Double Bonus Points! Earn 20,000 points — a $200 cash value. Use for cash back, gift cards, travel or more — it’s your choice.

  • No Annual Fee with our Credit Union
  • 0% Introductory APR for 12 months on purchases and balance transfers within the first 90 days of a new Mission Fed Mastercard® Credit Card account opening. After that, standard APRs for Preferred Platinum Credit Cards will be:
    • Preferred Platinum Credit Cards 9.90% - 16.90% for purchases and 11.90% - 17.90% for balance transfers1
    • Preferred Platinum Rewards Credit Cards, 10.90% - 17.90% for purchases and 12.90% - 17.90% for balance transfers1
  • Double Bonus Points: Preferred Platinum Rewards cardholders receive perks when opening this card! Open your account by 6/30/22 and get 20,000 Bonus Mission Rewards points with $1,000 net purchases in the first 90 days2

Check Our Low Rates

Mastercard Credit Card Cardholder Agreement

Mission Fed Preferred Platinum Mastercard: our lowest rate card

Mission Fed Preferred Platinum Rewards Mastercard: cash back and rewards


Instant Card issue

Convenient instant issue of a new or replacement card is available at any Mission Fed branch.

Convenient access, local assistance

Check your purchases, balance and pay your bill online with Mobile or Online Banking. You’re always welcome to talk to a Mission Fed representative for personalized assistance—we’re right here in San Diego.

Contactless Enabled

Mission Fed Credit Cards with the contactless symbol allow you to tap-to-pay for a fast, no-touch and secure checkout.

Enhanced ID Theft Protection

Mastercard Enhanced ID Theft Protection includes: One-bureau credit monitoring, high-risk transaction monitoring and alerts and white-glove restoration service. Certain terms may apply. Sign up today at https://mastercardus.idprotectiononline.com/enrollment/embedded.html.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do credit cards work?

Credit cards provide a short-term loan from a credit card issuer. You pay back the money you borrowed for each purchase using the card, plus interest based on your Annual Percentage Rate (APR), over a period of time. Each credit card has a credit limit and you can spend up to that limit. You’ll be expected to pay a minimum balance each month, which is usually just the interest plus a very small percentage of your total balance. If you pay your statement balance in full each month, you’ll help improve your credit score and you can avoid paying interest. Depending on the card, you may also be charged annual maintenance fees, balance transfer fees (for transferring your balance from another credit card), cash advance fees or late payment fees, all of which are added to your balance.

How to get a credit card

Applying for a credit card is relatively easy. You’ll provide basic information (which can vary slightly depending on the card) like your social security number, driver license number, income, address, phone number and more. This information is used to check your credit score, credit history, debt ratio and payment history. If you’re approved, you’ll be granted a card with an APR and credit limit that reflects your credit history. There are multiple credit card options available to select from. Make sure you only apply for credit cards that work for you before you try to open an account.

How to apply

Mission Fed makes it easy to apply for a credit union credit card. Whether you want to apply for your credit union credit cards online, make an appointment and apply in person at one of our branch locations, or apply over the phone we want you to be able to apply in the way that makes sense for your needs. Just gather the information listed above and apply for your card in whichever way is most convenient for you.

Can you get cash back from a credit card?

You certainly can! Many cards offer cash back rewards, which help you earn cash on the everyday purchases you make. Then, you can redeem your points for cash back or other reward options easily and securely online and via Mission Fed’s Mobile Banking app.

How to calculate credit card interest

There are three basic steps when it comes to calculating the interest.

  1. Look at your APR and convert it to a daily rate by dividing by 365, which will give you the daily periodic interest rate.
  2. Figure out your average daily balance by adding up the daily balance for each day in the billing period, then dividing by the number of days in the billing period.
  3. If you need to determine other credit calculations, like how long it’ll take you to pay off your credit card and more, try one of Mission Fed’s Credit Union Credit Card Calculators.

Platinum Credit Card Benefits and Perks at Our Financial Institution

Feature Benefits
Zero Liability You pay only for purchases you have authorized on your card. Conditions and exceptions apply. See www.Mastercard.us/zero-liability.html for details.
Mastercard Global Service® Provides 24/7 customer service assistance with Lost and Stolen Card Reporting, Emergency Card Replacement, Emergency Cash Advance, as well as assistance with locating ATMs and help with account-related questions.
Priceless Cities® Exclusive offers just for Mastercard cardholders. Check www.priceless.com.
Year-End Summary Statements A year-end summary statement available within two months of the end of each calendar year.
Automatic Billing Updater Mastercard’s free service automatically updates your debit and credit card information under certain conditions when you have card-on-file or recurring payments set up with participating merchants. For more information visit missionfed.com/ABU.
Enhanced ID Theft Protection One-bureau credit monitoring, high-risk transaction monitoring and alerts and white-glove restoration service. Certain terms may apply. Enhanced ID Theft Protection is limited to cardholders with a US issued card. Additional terms and conditions apply.

Why choose Mission Federal Credit Union?

You could get a credit card from a traditional bank or credit company, but our credit union Credit Cards offer fantastic local service. Mission Fed offers cards with low rates, low fees and reward options. If you are making a lifestyle investment or just everyday purchases, using a credit card can be a convenient option. So how can you get started and apply for one of our San Diego Credit Cards? We make it easy to apply. If you prefer to apply on your own schedule or from the comfort of your home, you can apply for credit union Credit Cards online at your convenience, or you can call 800.500.6328 to speak with a representative. If you prefer in person customer service, you can apply in the branch with the help of a knowledgeable representative. Find out more below about applying for your San Diego Credit Card. Discover all the benefits of Mission Fed Credit Cards.

If you’ve been looking at Credit Union Credit Cards, check out a San Diego Credit Card with Mission Fed. Whether you need a Credit Card in San Diego, or wherever you go, apply for one of our Credit Union Credit Card options today to enjoy these and other great benefits.

Those are just some of the great benefits available to our members who are approved for one of our Mission Fed Credit Cards. With a choice of Preferred Platinum and Preferred Platinum Rewards, we’ll help you get the card that best fits your needs. Both cards offer low, competitive rates and great benefits.

Our Preferred Platinum and Preferred Platinum Rewards Credit Cards offer low introductory rates plus no annual fee. They also come with all the advantages a Platinum Mastercard has to offer, making them great Credit Cards for San Diegans ready to start building a better financial future. Plus, you can use these cards anywhere because Mastercard is accepted around the world. So, why wait to get started with our financial services? Compare our Credit Union Credit Cards and apply now to open an account!

Mastercard Benefits Guide

  1. Subject to credit approval; terms and conditions apply. Offer is available for new Credit Cards. Balance transfers to pay any Mission Fed accounts are not permitted. Introductory APR will apply on purchases and balance transfers posted within the first 90 days of account opening, ending on the closing date of the first billing cycle after the account is open for 12 months. APRs are current as of 4/1/22. For balance transfers to qualify for the 0% introductory APR, the balance transfer must be conducted by using a Cashier’s Check issued by a Mission Fed Branch or the Contact Center. Electronic balance transfers do not qualify. The balance transfer and cash advance fee is 2% of the amount of each item ($2 minimum). The foreign transaction fee is 1% of the amount of each transaction in U.S. Dollars. Maximum $20,000 in balance transfers per member. Programs are subject to change without notice.
  2. The 20,000 Mission Rewards points will be credited approximately 120 days after account opening. Qualifying transactions exclude in-branch cash advances, traveler’s check purchases, balance transfers, overdraft protection advances, convenience checks, fees, and ATM transactions. This offer cannot be combined with other Mission Rewards points promotions. Mission Fed Preferred Platinum Rewards Mastercard account must be opened by 6/30/22. Restrictions may apply.

Mastercard, Mastercard Global Service, and Priceless Cities are registered trademarks of Mastercard International Inc.

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Mission Fed Preferred Platinum Credit Card

No annual fee and all the advantages that come with a Preferred Platinum Credit Card.

With low rates, no annual fee and all of the advantages that come with a Preferred Platinum Credit Card®, this will be your favorite card.

Get 5% Cashback with Mastercard Local™

Get 5% Cashback with Mastercard Local™

Get 5% Cashback with Mastercard Local™

Earn a $200 Cash Reward

No annual fee and all the advantages that come with a Preferred Platinum Rewards Mastercard.

Get a Mission Fed Rewards Credit Card now and earn 20,000 bonus Rewards points - redeemable for $200.

Earn a $125 Cash Bonus

Earn a $125 Cash Bonus

Earn a $125 Cash Bonus

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