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Junior Achievement of San Diego County

Junior Achievement of San Diego County

Investing in Our Youth: Mission Fed JA Finance Park

We believe in the value of teaching kids the importance of saving their money and how an economy works. Our hope is that by investing in our kids now, we’ll have a better and more competitive San Diego workforce in the future. This is just one of the many reasons why Mission Fed supports Junior Achievement of San Diego County (JA).

At Mission Fed JA Finance Park, students can discover a place where they imagine who they want to be, receive hands-on tools and skills to plan for a financially secure future, and explore effective life choices. This high-tech facility for high school students takes reality-based learning to a new level by placing students in authentic, real-world scenarios, where they take control of their financial decisions. From applying for car loans, paying for childcare or health insurance to understanding how to develop/manage a budget and communicate effectively, students need the opportunity and structure to understand how their future career pathways might work.

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McGrath Family JA BizTown

In addition, Mission Fed is one of the businesses at McGrath Family JA BizTown. This “town” is designed for elementary school students, and each student (or “citizen” of the town) has a job for the day, participates in business and town meetings, gets paid, manages a checking account and more.

Programs like these at Junior Achievement help our youth not only get a jump start on managing their finances, but also a start on good saving and spending habits for the future. Mission Fed has always had strong ties to the education community, and we continue to be dedicated to our local schools and community partners, like Junior Achievement.

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