Mission Fed Board of Directors

True to our cooperative roots and our philosophy of “people helping people,” our Board of Directors is made up of talented people who volunteer their time and expertise for the good of Mission Fed’s membership. Under their stewardship, Mission Fed continues to provide a safe place for you to keep and grow your financial assets, get sound financial advice, and enjoy competitive rates on financial services and products. Our Board of Directors also ensures that we deliver the highest level of service to you while maintaining financial strength and stability.

2022 Election

Please read this important information about the 2022 Election for our Board of Directors.

Mission Fed Board of Directors, left to right:
Dr. Larry Maw, Director · Dr. Melanie Branca, Director · Dr. Kamran Azimzadeh, Secretary/Treasurer · Lora Duzyk, Director · Dr. Don J. Shelton, Chair · Dr. Lupe Buell, Director · Wayne Oetken, Past Chair · Malliga Tholandi, Director · Scott Patterson, Vice-Chair


Mission Fed Supervisory Committee:

Tina Douglas, Chair

Laura Josh

Dr. Lupe Buell

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