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As the largest locally based financial institution exclusively serving San Diego County, we take pride in providing our members financial services to help them reach their goals—and financial education to help them make money-wise decisions along the way. The Live Smart Bank Smart Blog provides information on a variety of topics that will help you learn more about financial services, money management, and our community. Check back each week to learn something new! At Mission Fed, your success is our bottom line, and that includes providing information to help our members live smart—and bank smart.

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How does Mission Fed give back to the community?

July 20
Looking for a San Diego credit union that gives back to the community? At Mission Fed, believe in putting people before profit, and our community involvement reflects that mission.
Mission Fed is committed to giving back, and because we’re not-for-profit, we can reinvest in the community we love. Try us and experience the Mission Fed difference today. Discover how great it feels to bank at a financial institution dedicated to giving back to you and San Diego.
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5 Reasons Your Friends Could Be Joining Credit Unions

July 13
Wondering why so many of your friends have switched to banking at a credit union? Learn more about all the benefits and money-saving advantages a credit union can offer you today.
Credit unions provide many of the same services and security provided by traditional banks, but because credit unions are not-for-profit, they’re able to use their assets to benefit credit union members. This can mean lower rates on loans and higher earnings on savings. And that’s just some of the reasons your friends are joining a credit union. Learn more about all the benefits and money-saving advantages a credit union can offer you today.
Photo of the 2018 Summer issue of Mission Notes.

Newsletters: Big Info in Small Spaces

July 6
The best newsletters are interesting, informative and fun to read. VP Creative and Communications Terri Miracle talks about her long history of newsletter writing and her favorite, Mission Fed’s quarterly newsletter, Mission Notes.
Newsletters, whether online or in print, are a source of consumer information. Terri Miracle, VP Creative and Communication, shares how she developed her love of newsletters and she applies that enthusiasm today to Mission Fed’s quarterly newsletter, Mission Notes.
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3 Ways to Avoid Being Overwhelmed by Your Finances

June 29
Managing your finances can be an overwhelming task. Read how to bring your financial life together by following these three steps.
Managing your finances can be an overwhelming task, especially when living paycheck to paycheck, trying to get out of debt, or just trying to reduce spending so you can save. Read how to bring your financial life together by following these three steps.
Photo of a omwna with a Mission Fed credit card building good credit.

How do credit cards help you build credit?

June 22
Wondering how to use credit cards to build your credit? Read on to discover how using a credit union credit card responsibly can benefit you.
Credit cards are extremely helpful for building credit if you use them wisely and make sure to pay them off quickly. Getting a credit union credit card can help you build credit while saving you money with lower APR rates, fewer fees and better rewards.


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