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As the largest locally based financial institution exclusively serving San Diego County, we take pride in providing our members financial services to help them reach their goals—and financial education to help them make money-wise decisions along the way. The Live Smart Bank Smart Blog provides information on a variety of topics that will help you learn more about financial services, money management, and our community. Check back each week to learn something new! At Mission Fed, your success is our bottom line, and that includes providing information to help our members live smart—and bank smart.

Tips for saving for your retirement besides your 401(k)

January 22

When you have your retirement goals established, it’s much easier to put money away to achieve them! Plan for your future with a budget that works for you now. Pay yourself before paying others. Get started today!

Think out of the usual 401(k) box and expand your retirement savings by opening and IRA or certificate. Planning now for a great retirement can be as easy as setting aside extra unexpected funds and budgeting your regular expenses. A daily $5 latte costs $1,825 a year. Treating yourself half as much and putting the additional funds into your retirement savings could help you live the lifestyle you’ve always imagined in your golden years.

Why you should open an account with Mission Fed in 2016

January 15

Mission Fed offers accounts to help you make your 2016 goals a reality while continuing to support the San  Diego community and local nonprofit organizations. All San  Diegans are well to open an account at Mission Fed.

With more than 25 local branches to serve your needs, Mission Fed is the largest, locally based financial institution exclusively serving San  Diego County. Because we are a great union that was founded not for profit, but for service, we’re able to offer low Auto Loan, Home Loan and Credit Card rates to our members. And because we’re focused on San  Diegans and our community, we have promotions throughout the year that put money back in your pocket and into local nonprofits.

6 Tips to Be More Financially Savvy in 2016

January 8

The New Year is a great time to look at how to be smarter with money or better about budgeting.

Managing your money better can be as easy as a few practical pointers. Mission Fed 1st VP Branch Network Operations Jeanine Dodman explores practical tips to get your 2016 budget off to a good start.

How You Can Save Money With Social Media

December 31

Getting a good deal isn’t just for the holidays. Check out these tips for saving money using social media.

Social media isn’t just for keeping in touch—it can be a useful tool for bargain-hunting, too. Mission Fed VP Marketing Operations Donna Handwerger looks into ways to save money via social media in this week’s blog.

Checking Out Check Scams

December 26

A little skepticism can be a good thing when it comes to “friends” and financial transactions. Learning how check scams work can be a good way to prevent this type of fraudster activity from affecting you or your family.

Mission Fed VP Operations Millie Garland-D’Aprile explains that scams can happen to anyone, and the best way to prevent them is awareness and vigilance. Learn more about check scams in this week’s blog.


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