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Granted, most things in life come with risk. The chances of you being subjected to a real life bank heist are slim; but it’s always worth knowing the ways in which you can help protect yourself and stay secure.
When it comes to your money, online banking is a great way to keep track of your funds and stay on top of payments. It also means no more running around town, working around business hours, or waiting in line to access your assets. At Mission Fed, there’s a wide range of online resources to make your banking experience as convenient and efficient as possible.
Credit cards are convenient, flexible, and offer many perks. In fact, there are many benefits of having a credit card over other methods of payment,. And while they have a bad reputation for getting people into debt, but when used responsibly;, credit cards are an empowering financial tool. First and foremost, by wielding your credit card wisely, you can extract more value from your money. This is not possible with a debit card or cash.
So, you are in debt. Maybe you spent too much on a bouncy house for your brother’s wedding, and it turns out there were no kids on the guest list. Or perhaps you bought an expensive plane ticket to the wrong Georgia and found yourself in Eurasia instead of your cousin’s cookout. As we all know, life happens.
With daily credit card offers in the mail and the prospects of a cashless society becoming more and more realistic, you might ask yourself, “should I get a credit card?” Sure, debit cards and cash may seem like more effective ways to stay under budget, but if used responsibly, the benefits of having a credit card definitely outweigh the negatives
There are many benefits to having a credit card: they act as small loans, provide purchase protection, fraud protection, and typically come with a rewards program. Additionally, successfully applying for a credit card allows people to access a line of credit that can build throughout their lifetime. But, what if you have bad credit or have no previous credit lines opened? Don’t worry, you can still apply for certain types of credit cards.
Most people today own both a debit card and a credit card, but many are confused about what the difference is between the two. It’s a common source of confusion, since the cards look identical and have similar uses. So, what exactly is the difference between those thin, plastic rectangles in your wallet? Read on to find out from the experts at our San Diego credit union!
If you have never been tasked with improving your credit; the idea can seem daunting, but really, it is actually quite easy. You probably just never learned how! Schools might still prefer to teach you the Pythagorean Theorem over managing and maintaining a good credit score, but here at Mission Fed, we will teach you how.
Knowing what an APR is, how it can affect your ability to take out loans, and how to find the best APR are three factors worth considering if you are planning to invest money for a home or car.
Credit unions and banks reward customers for using their credit cards by offering any number of redeemable gifts, including: airline tickets, cash back, and tickets to sold-out shows.


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