Strategies for Black Friday shopping

November 20, 2015 | Mission Fed

How can you tell when the holidays are upon us? Besides the change in weather and seeing holiday decorations in stores and houses, you’ll probably hear radio and TV commercials, get emails or see ads pop up online that offer advice on what to give your friends and loved ones as the perfect gift for the season. And if you’re someone with a huge holiday list or who enjoys taking advantage of a great bargain, you’re most likely already planning your Black Friday shopping, whether online, in stores or both. Here are a few helpful ideas to keep in mind as you prepare your Black Friday shopping strategy so you—and your budget—can feel great all season long.

Do your research (including reading the fine print)

It’s easy to make a list of items, but you should look at the specific brands you want to purchase. Compare prices and read reviews about products, especially electronics, to make sure they’re a good fit for you or the person you intend to give them to. Also make sure to read the fine print—some places will charge a restocking fee, meaning you’ve spent money for an item you don’t even have in hand.

Sign up for store alerts

If you know you’ll visit a particular store or website on Black Friday, why not sign up for their email notifications? Many stores will be sending promotional emails about their Black Friday specials, so you can receive the notice days ahead and strategize to get the best deal you can. Also follow them on Facebook and Twitter so you can make sure you’re receiving various notifications on the items you want. You may even get special rebates or coupons in your emails, too!

Divide and conquer

You can’t be everywhere at once, so that means once you arrive to your next location, the item you had on your list may be gone. Get together with a few friends prior to Black Friday, swap shopping lists, plan who will go to what store and make sure to stay in touch via cellphone so you can get coffee or lunch afterwards and distribute your purchases. Just keep in mind that some items may have some restrictions in terms of how many you can buy!

Purchase items with a credit card

While carrying cash allows you to stay in budget, it can get lost during the hustle and bustle to get the best deals. Take advantage of your credit card’s rewards program, which may offer additional in-store savings, or use a Mission Fed Credit Card that’s eligible for our free Mission Rewards program to earn points to use on airline tickets, hotel reservations and more during your holiday travels. Make sure to pay your credit card bill right away, too, as that will help you keep track of your finances.

Integrating these ideas into your Black Friday shopping strategy may help your shopping experience feel like a breeze. And if you want to plan your entire holiday shopping strategy outside of Black Friday, make sure to read our “Know Before You Go Holiday Tips” from our VP Creative and Communications, Terri Miracle. Happy shopping!


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The content provided in this blog consists of the opinions and ideas of the author alone and should be used for informational purposes only. Mission Federal Credit Union disclaims any liability for decisions you make based on the information provided.

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