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October 30, 2015 | Randy Tindell

When you think of Mission Fed, do you picture the people you know at our branches? I ask because, as VP Branch Network Manager, I have the pleasure of working in all 28 of our branches all over San Diego County, supporting our branch staff and getting to know our members. You could say that I’ve grown along with Mission Fed, and I’m as proud to serve our members and help them reach their goals now as I was in 1993 when I first joined the Mission Fed Team as Assistant Branch Manager of Linda Vista.

It’s hard to believe that when Mission Fed was chartered in 1961, our first branch was a borrowed desk at the San Diego County Office of Education to serve San Diego public school employees. Over the years, our field of membership, our services, and of course, the number of branches, have grown. Known at the time as Public Schools Federal Credit Union, Mission Fed welcomed 3,110 members by 1966. By 1970, membership parameters expanded to include private schools employees. For the convenience of our growing membership, Mission Fed added three more branches in 1987, and offered membership to 9th District PTA members. By 1987, membership had surged to 62,540 members, all of whom could now bank at 22 convenient branch locations throughout San Diego County.

The 90s saw continued healthy growth for Mission Fed, more branches and more employees to assist our expanding membership. When I came on board in 1993, the credit union had 89,600 members and was up to 23 branches. I joined the Mission Fed team as Assistant Manager of the Linda Vista Branch, and within ten months, I was promoted to Linda Vista Branch Manager. For the next nine years, I happily managed the Linda Vista branch, cultivating a friendly and welcoming environment to serve our membership and their banking needs. I briefly managed our former Oberlin Drive Branch in Sorrento Valley, then managed the Escondido Branch for the next nine months.

In 2002, Mission Fed recognized that “branching out” with physical branches also meant we needed a more fluid and dynamic approach to branch staffing and a pool of employees who could fill in throughout the branch network. Named the Staff Resource Pool, this team of employees, who could fill in throughout the Branch Network when the need arose, could help us could better serve the growing membership’s banking needs, as well as ensuring a superior branch experience. As Manager of the Staff Resource Pool, I trained and motivated a knowledgeable, confident staff—as well as working in the branches myself. The last 13 years have been very rewarding as the Staff Resource Pool Manager. My staff and I have enjoyed meeting and serving members in all 28 Mission Fed branch locations.

In this role, I was able to spend quality time working side-by-side with branch team members, along with meeting and helping the members who visit our branches. I have been very fortunate to develop some long-lasting relationships, the most rewarding part of which is getting the opportunity to go back to a branch and meet the children of the members whose account I opened when they were just a child. Okay, now I’m really giving my age away.

Mission Fed continues to grow and expand throughout San Diego County, with 28 branches and a membership of over 186,000. And we keep growing! Plans are underway to open two more branches in new neighborhoods—San Carlos and National City—in 2016. I feel very fortunate to help lead an organization that is forward thinking and focused on providing quality member service. I’m looking forward to the coming years and continuing growth of Mission Fed. And if you happen to see me the next time you’re at a branch, please come over and say hello!

Randy Tindell

Randy Tindell

Randy Tindell, VP Branch Network Manager, has 35 years of management experience, but continues to learn something new every day. He has been with the Mission Fed Management Team for 25 years and is grateful to be part of a growing organization that focuses on its members. When he’s not at one of our branches, Randy is branching out with health and fitness, enjoys traveling and makes sure he can spend as much time as possible with family and friends.

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