Mission to Go Green

October 14, 2016 | Lisa Chappell

Illustration of Green Team logo.

Mission Fed is committed to the well-being of its members, employees and community. Recent global focus on sustainability and being ‘green’ has allowed us to validate our commitment through educational programs and philanthropic outreach within our organization and throughout San Diego County.

We’re regularly evaluating our branches and business offices; policies and procedures; and employee programs to ensure new and current sustainability efforts are being created and implemented throughout our organization.

Mission Fed branches are designed with sustainability practices that allow us to reduce our carbon footprint and save valuable resources. Employees use dry erase boards in an effort to reduce the amount of paper we purchase and dispose of. Employees are cognizant of reusing or recycling materials and find ways to help save money, time and our environment.

At our business offices we enjoy coffee in our reusable containers and offer loaner cups to employees to borrow for the day. Our Reuse Fairs allow employees to donate items they no longer want or need and shop through the donations. Our next reuse fair will feature holiday decorations. Employees donate unwanted items to the Green Team, a group of Mission Fed employees who drive our sustainability efforts, and then shop for new items to bring home and enjoy.

The Green Team provides educational luncheons for employees to learn how to be more sustainable. Sessions from solar energy to composting provide employees with information from industry experts to help reduce their personal carbon footprint. Branches and our business offices were retrofitted with Ecobees, a smart thermostat, which allows us to manage and reduce our energy usage more effectively.

The heart of the Green Team is the Sustainable Employee Certification, a program that encourages employees to take a sustainability leadership role and recognizes those who have successfully completed the multi-level program. With new technologies and programs for companies to become more sustainable, we have an opportunity to advance our programs to make a bigger impact on our community.

Mission Fed was a recipient of the 2016 Bronze Diamond Award presented by iCommute, for our participation in alternative commuting programs.

Our sustainability efforts include more than our internal responsibilities, but the San Diego community, too. Throughout 2016 we have supported and partnered with nonprofit organizations that share our commitment to save valuable resources and reduce our carbon footprint.

Mission Fed’s dedication extends beyond our walls, by educating our employees and supporting those with similar goals we are cultivating green champions for our community.

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Lisa Chappell

Lisa Chappell

Lisa Chappell is Mission Federal Credit Union’s Vice President Corporate Facilities. She has too many years of banking and facilities management experience on her resume to count! Lisa thoroughly enjoys her job and Mission Fed, and is also very active in the Facilities Management, Corporate Real Estate, Leadership and Banking communities. Together with her team of dynamic and enthusiastic employees, and the newly formed Green Team, Lisa is dedicated to guiding Mission Fed and its employees to new levels of greenness.

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