How Care Wear and giving small make a difference

January 30, 2015 | Lola Carullo

How Care Wear and giving small make a difference

I remember my mother always saying that every little bit helps. I was taught to give a small amount of my allowance to those in need. Sometimes it was an extra can of soup to the food bank or 25 cents for a few weeks to send to children in another country. There are many opportunities available to help those in need, and while nonprofits love large donations, they also love small donations and appreciate the desire of people wanting to help.

One way Mission Fed gives back in a “small” way is through our Care Wear program, which allows employees to wear casual dress on designated days by making a $5 donation. The question of how we choose what nonprofit benefits from the total raised is answered by our employees: they vote in the beginning of the year on which nonprofit will be the beneficiary. $5 may not seem like a lot, but when one thinks about how many employees decide to participate in Care Wear for even one day, it really makes a difference in the long-run!

Nonprofits are not just using radio programs or telethons to raise funds—these days, even social media is being utilized to ask for small amounts! So look around—there are so many in need and if a group of us helps just a little, things can change for the better.

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Lola Carullo

Lola Carullo

Lola Carullo is VP Treasurer for Mission Federal Credit Union. She has over 40 years in the Finance Services industry. Thirty-four years ago, Lola found Mission Fed and embraced the Credit Union philosophy of ’people helping people‘. Lola is extremely grateful that she is able to see firsthand the difference Mission Fed makes by helping our members and nonprofit organizations throughout the San Diego community.

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