A Healthy Attitude Goes a Long Way

June 1, 2018 | Steve Hasbrooke

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I recently attended a conference of credit union finance professionals in Austin, TX. While the educational sessions at this conference each year are typically related to subjects such as “Upcoming Accounting Standards” and “Interest Rate Risk,” which are quite informative and relevant, they are not necessarily the most electrifying subjects for the attendees. Therefore, when I saw the session titled “Coaching Employees” in the agenda, I was excited to attend and see what it was all about.

While much of the session was related to coaching techniques and ways to help employees grow, engage and develop, I was particularly struck by what the presenter had to say about “attitude” in the workplace.

Shifting Attitude in Order to Bring Positivity

Have you ever found yourself walking away from a personal encounter, be it at work or a social setting, saying to yourself “whoa, that person never seems to have a bad day”? There are many positive, upbeat people here at Mission Fed with whom I have relatively frequent conversations and I always walk away feeling better about life, in general. Even more, I often walk away wondering what I can do to make others feel similarly when walking away from conversations with me. So the question lies, “What can I do to improve my attitude and demeanor around others?”

If you have ever felt this way, here are some concrete ways to improve your own outlook and attitude, particularly in the workplace:

  • Take a deep breath. Deep breathing helps to reduce anxiety and stress, thereby giving us better foundation upon which we can build a more positive attitude. Plus, a level head will help you communicate better with others, leaving you and them in a better understanding of the task at hand.
  • Expose your mind to positive input. For me, music is something that can positively alter my state of mind very quickly. If I am excited about an upcoming vacation, I try to immerse myself in the music native to the place I am going or an experience I hope to have there. Similarly, books can help take you to another place and time, ideally something that brings pleasure to your mind. Do a little research online and find the right positive influence for you.
  • Surround yourself with positive people. It is quite amazing what happens when we simply associate ourselves with positive people. Attitudes are contagious. If you surround yourself with naysaying negativity, it will rub off on you and your own outlook on work/life will be tarnished. Conversely, associating with positive individuals can have a significant and helpful impact on your own personal outlook and can positively impact your professional and personal life.
  • Count your blessings. While it is a very simple thing to do, many of us do not take the time to consider the blessings we have in this life. Everyone has at least one they can reflect on, and most of us have far more—family, friends, employment, activities, a place to sleep at night—the list can go on and on. Periodically reflecting on your own personal blessings will help foster a gracious attitude and sets your mind for enjoying a great life.

“A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results.” – Wade Boggs

At Mission Fed, we cultivate a culture of people first—both for our members and employees. This family-like setting helps us positively work hard to ensure a great experience all the way around. If you haven’t already, visit a Mission Fed Branch, and you’ll be pleased with the positive, friendly and knowledgeable environment.

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Steve Hasbrooke

Steve Hasbrooke

Steve Hasbrooke is VP Controller at Mission Federal Credit Union. He has been with Mission Fed for over 12 years, and his primary responsibilities include regulatory reporting, annual financial reporting and accounting oversight.

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