Five ways that Autoland makes your life easier

May 20, 2016 | Lisa Chappell

My family has been personally using Autoland for nearly 25 years! We’ve purchased a number of cars, and Autoland has seen us through many life transitions throughout those years.

The first time we used Autoland’s car buying service was when we were first starting out. We were young, not very car savvy and pinching pennies where we could. Getting the most out of our first car together was important to us and our future. Our Autoland representative helped us source a late model used pickup for my husband to use for work. We kept that truck for over 13 years and it was still driving well when we finally upgraded.

Autoland helped us find a cute two door coupe for me, too! And when the time came to lose the coupe for an SUV for our new family, Autoland was there to oversee that purchase as well. With a teenager in the house and many more life transitions to come, we plan to use Autoland’s car buying service to take the work out of car buying for the next 25 years.

You can keep car buying fun, too! Mission Fed has partnered with Autoland to give our members access to a better car buying experience. As a Mission Fed member, you too have access to Autoland’s car buying service. Here are five benefits of using Autoland to find your next car:

  1. Save time: This was particularly helpful to us when we had a baby and were both working. Time was something we didn’t have much of, and Autoland helped us through the process without requiring us to miss work or infringe on our family time. Autoland does the legwork of buying your car. You simply tell your Autoland rep the new or used car that you want and your purchasing power, and they will find the car for you and deliver it to your home or to the Mission Fed branch of your choice. Autoland saves you the time you would otherwise spend going to dealerships, looking for your car, filling out paperwork, waiting around and going over numbers.
  2. No haggling: Being in the banking and corporate real estate industries for over 25 years, I’m pretty savvy with negotiations, but car buying is a different animal and I was happy to have some help. Autoland negotiates for preferred pricing on the car you want through their large network of auto dealers. Because of their relationships with many dealers, they get you a great deal. Instead of bartering with a salesman working on commission, you deal with your friendly and professional Autoland rep who finds the car you want within your budget.
  3. Get the new or used car you want: We’ve purchased both used and new cars from Autoland, from utility vehicles to luxury cars. Whatever you’re looking for, Autoland can find you your preferred car. Because of their large network of dealers, inventory is not a concern. When you tell Autoland the make and model that you want, they go to work!
  4. Shop a variety of makes all at once: For a couple of our purchases, we had an idea of what features we wanted in a vehicle, but had no idea of a specific make and model. Our representatives helped us narrow down our choices and make the selections that best fit our needs. Autoland has preferred pricing from many car makers, from everyday economy cars to top-of-the-line luxury vehicles. If you are still considering more than one car, you can do it all in one place with Autoland. With new and used options, even the option to “build” a new car, Autoland gives you the flexibility to find any car that you want all in one place.
  5. Mission Fed partnership: Autoland is the premier car buying service for credit union members. You can apply for your Auto Loan from Mission Fed before shopping for a car, and contact an Autoland representative with financing in hand. Autoland will then find you a car that fits your needs and budget. With this partnership, you don’t have to use dealer financing or race to find financing after you find a car that you like. Once Autoland finalizes the purchase of your car, you have the option to have your new car delivered to your nearest Mission Fed branch for pick-up!

Even before I started working for Mission Fed, I took advantage of Autoland’s car buying service. Partnering with both Mission Fed and Autoland for a seamless car buying and financing experience gives you the best of both worlds. Use our handy online Auto Loan Calculator or apply for an Auto Loan, and ask for an Autoland rep to begin the process of getting the car and the financing that you want!


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Lisa Chappell

Lisa Chappell

Lisa Chappell is Mission Federal Credit Union’s Vice President Corporate Facilities. She has too many years of banking and facilities management experience on her resume to count! Lisa thoroughly enjoys her job and Mission Fed, and is also very active in the Facilities Management, Corporate Real Estate, Leadership and Banking communities. Together with her team of dynamic and enthusiastic employees, and the newly formed Green Team, Lisa is dedicated to guiding Mission Fed and its employees to new levels of greenness.

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