Direct Mail is worth reading

January 16, 2015 | Donna Handwerger

Direct Mail is worth reading

It’s true—we’re living in a digital age. Of course, there are the many advantages—we can shop for practically anything at the click of a mouse, and communication is just a text, email, instant message or tweet away. As great as it is to be connected to everyone in just seconds, people are inundated with emails, spam and social media messages from friends, family, musicians, restaurants, banks—the list really goes on and on.

This is why direct mail stands out as something different. Mail is the only targeted advertising medium that gives flexibility to reach out to customers and give them something they can hold in their hands. Direct mail is also effective because people still pay attention to it. According to Paper Because, while junk emails are often sent straight to spam filters, 81% of consumers still read or skim their advertising paper mail. Think about it this way: even with all the advances with eBooks and online publications, there are still books and newspapers being printed and bought worldwide. Paper has the power to touch people—and let them touch back.

Because we can see and touch paper, we view it as more concrete and credible, and it can act as a cue for memory. In contrast, online materials elicit responses in a part of the brain which has been associated with filtering out irrelevant information. Do you remember all the subject lines and offers you click through or delete every day from your email? And what if you received loan offers via email? People like to see information in writing because it gives more credibility to the message.

Beyond credibility, mail gives consumers the choice to respond to advertising on their own time, and in their own way. It doesn’t yell. It doesn’t flash. It just sits, patiently, and waits to be read. Of course, advertisements are usually for limited-time offers—even those weekly coupons you receive from your local grocery store have expiration dates. But with some direct mail, offers can be valid for at least a couple months.

For someone who works with direct mail, I know that if a company is investing in printing and postage in 2015, they think the message is important. I see it as reaching out as a personal reminder, based on our members’ potential needs and interests. Whether it’s for a Home Loan, Auto Loan or Credit Card, it’s a reminder that these services are available now or whenever you need them.

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Donna Handwerger

Donna Handwerger

Donna Handwerger is VP Marketing Operations at Mission Federal Credit Union. She has over 20 years of experience in financial services. She started her career in sales and operations, with the last 15 years in Marketing, and excels in analytics.

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