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Are you dreaming of making your home energy efficient, expanding your kitchen and dining room to host dinner parties, or are you sending your young adult off to college in the fall? If yes, the equity in your home can help! Before you charge a credit card or pull money from your savings, take advantage of your equity with a Home Equity Loan or Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) with a great rate!
If you’re looking for the right home and home loan, Mission Fed can help. Our tailored Home Loans can help you purchase a home and stay within your budget. Our trusted partner, HomeAdvantage®, can make the process even simpler by offering a one-stop-shop for listings, Real Estate Agents and more. Plus, HomeAdvantage overs Cash Rewards up to 20% of your HomeAdvantage Agent’s commission. Mission Fed can help you get a Home Loan and find the house you’ve been dreaming of.

The housing market in San Diego isn’t the easiest to get into, but if you know which partners to work with, you could find yourself a homeowner sooner rather than later. We’re here to help you become a homeowner in San Diego because your success is our bottom line and San Diego is our home, too.

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or you need to sell your current home and buy another one, we have information unique to you, including programs that you can benefit from, mistakes to avoid and important items to consider when you begin your home buying and home selling journeys.
Is your next Mission Fed Moment a new home? Are you a current homeowner and need to sell your home before you can buy your next one? Read this week’s blog to learn more and contact us today to get started!
If you’ve been thinking about selling your home and moving up to a new one, but don’t know where or how to get started, the Mission Fed Real Estate Team of experts is here to help you! Check out our blog to learn more about selling your current home, shopping for your next home and financing your new House with the right Home Loan.

Your home is an asset that may contain equity. You can turn that equity into cash to use for major purchases like a vacation or school tuition, a home remodel or solar panels, to consolidate debt and much more! Apply for a Home Equity Loan, Home Equity Line of Credit or refinance your home to access the equity in your house.

It’s spring and my “to do” list has never looked so good. With all the exciting trips and projects coming up in the next few months, I’m making sure to plan my budget and so should you. Luckily, my Home Equity Line of Credit is here to help! And with low payments, no prepayment penalties and only having to pay interest on the amount of the credit line I use, a HELOC is a great alternative to both consolidating debt and making major purchases.

As the holidays rapidly approach, and as you take stock of all the things still left undone, you may be getting the feeling you’re a little overwhelmed. Have you considered a Home Equity Line of Credit to help pay for some of those important projects?

If you’re thinking about buying a home, you’ve probably spent some quality time online absorbing all the internet has to offer a potential home buyer. The internet is a no-pressure, fun place to get started on your journey toward home ownership. But when it’s time to get serious, it’s time to talk to Mission Fed.


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