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Mission Fed is able to make a difference in our community because of our member-owners. We began as a credit union serving the educational community, and we have continued our commitment to education and to the San Diego community. We have a number of programs that support, donate or offer services to local schools and nonprofits, as well as programs thanking our members for helping us make a difference in the community. Whether you join Mission Fed to help make a difference in the community, or to help make a difference in your own life, your membership is a part of making our mission a reality. At Mission Fed, your success is our bottom line.
Wouldn’t it be nice to be a San Diego tourist? Vacation in your town with these San Diego adventure ideas. Whether you want to learn to surf, check out a sports game or explore the city, this blog post can help you be a tourist in your own town.
Your lifestyle plays a big role in the type of vehicle you drive. Whether you’re a college student, professional or head of the household, we can help you meet your transportation needs. First, figure out what your needs are and review the Mission Fed Auto Loan Guide to help you with your budget and financing information. Read this week’s blog to get started.
Effective managers know how to use their leadership skills to help employees feel supported, motivated and understood. With strong communication skills and the ability to delegate, a successful leader can balance authority with approachability to maintain a strong team. Managers also need to know how to problem-solve with their team and make the final decision when the time is right. Learn more about the qualities of a successful leader.
Has anyone ever suggested you open a money market account and left you wondering: What is a money market account? A money market account offers you the same convenience and protection of a traditional savings account, but with the ability to earn higher dividends on your money. Stop by Mission Federal Credit Union to learn how a Money Market Account can improve your savings.

When you’re cruising through the city or on a road trip with your family, the last thing you should be thinking about is your auto loan and the interest it’s building. Thankfully, Mission Fed offers a Rate Break Program that could help you lower your initial interest rate.

Mission Fed has partnered with the San Diego Fair for Teacher Appreciation Days on Friday, June 17 and Friday, June 24. San Diego County school employees can come into a Mission Fed branch for four free tickets to the San Diego County Fair, which features many exciting activities. Find out about the many ways Mission Fed thanks our teachers!

Schedule time on the calendar to have a money talk with your kids. It’s never too late to start the conversation and put a plan together for their financial education and readiness. With a little guidance and real world experience, they will learn to respect and value their hard earned money, just as we do.

From Little League baseball games to financial institutions, groups that use teamwork are going to be more successful than those who don’t. While it is true that there is no “I” in “team,” there are two in “credit union.” And, as Aesop said, “In union there is strength.”

Coaching is not managing. Coaching is real-time guidance that is intended and conducted to improve behavior, performance and results. Read more about Sreeni Rao, Mission Fed’s VP Sales and Services for the Branch Network, and his life as a coach.

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