Linda Barner

Financial education comes in many forms. Join us for an in-person event to learn more about buying or selling a home or how you can plan for Long-Term Care. Find out more at these educational workshops throughout San Diego County.
At the start of the holiday season, it’s nice to pause and think about all the things you’re grateful for in your life. Whether you’ve made great strides on a big milestone or you want to reflect on all the little things that help you day-to-day, taking the time to acknowledge what you have helps you appreciate the good things in your life. Mission Fed is grateful for our members and our community, too, and we say thanks by giving back in a number of ways. From free Checking with eStatements to various sweepstakes to daily initiatives like the $1 Million Mission Fed Money Match, we hope you’ll see how much we value you. Let’s all give back and say thanks for what we have!
Paper checks aren’t used as frequently as they once were, but you might be surprised to learn that they come in handy more often than you might expect. Paper checks are still helpful for sending gifts of money, avoiding card fees, making payments without online access and making payments where cards aren’t accepted. While it’s helpful to keep checks on hand for these reasons, digital banking has its benefits, including security and convenience. Take advantage of both paper checks and digital banking benefits with a Checking Account at Mission Fed.
As an employer, you want to make sure your employees feel acknowledged and supported. The best way to encourage employee motivation is to show them how much you appreciate what they do. Whether it’s small perks or shout-outs, employee recognition helps everyone feel appreciated and like an important part of the company. A company culture that values the team helps ensure success.
Mission Fed is committed to creating a supportive company culture. We believe in putting people before profit, and that includes making Mission Fed a great place to work for our employees. We offer great pay, excellent benefits and opportunities to give back to the San Diego community and pursue continuing education. Because of this, we’re happy to say we’ve won a Workplace Excellence Award! When we empower our employees, we make Mission Fed even better for our members.
Mission Fed knows our employees are a vital part of our mission, and we create our corporate culture accordingly. We offer generous benefits, leadership development and continued training and coaching to help our employees grow and succeed. Mission Fed has consistently been ranked as one of the best places to work, and we believe our dedication to the community and leadership are part of that. Apply at Mission Fed today and find out how rewarding it is to help our members, and our community, every day.
Mission Federal Credit Union gives back to the communities where our members live and work by partnering with educational and other nonprofit organizations. Giving back is not just what we do; it’s who we are, and that’s why we created Mission for Nonprofits.

If you work full-time, chances are you’re spending the majority of your day with coworkers doing what you love, right? If not, it’s time to start thinking about your professional future, where you want to be and how you’ll get there. It’s time to set goals, take action and make a career development plan.

Think out of the usual 401(k) box and expand your retirement savings by opening and IRA or certificate. Planning now for a great retirement can be as easy as setting aside extra unexpected funds and budgeting your regular expenses. A daily $5 latte costs $1,825 a year. Treating yourself half as much and putting the additional funds into your retirement savings could help you live the lifestyle you’ve always imagined in your golden years.

To promote open communication and establish some guidelines for effective meetings here at Mission Fed, managers put their heads together and what resulted was our Communication Pledge, which was put into effect in 2012. This pledge is displayed in all of conference rooms throughout our corporate offices, and at all of our branches as well.


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