3 Things (or Else I’d be Writing All Day) I’ve Learned From Being a New Mom

July 10, 2015 | Heidi Everly

Infant girl sitting on a blanket.

Being a grownup is hard work. I’ve been an adult for some time now (let’s not get into how many years, okay?), but this last year and a half, I feel like I’ve really taken on some true grownup responsibilities. I got married, my husband and I bought a house together and we had a baby: Miss Amelia Mae. The apple of our eye, our pride and joy, the light of our lives—okay, I could go on forever. Three HUGE milestones within a year is definitely a personal record. And that means we get to take a few years off now, right? Wrong. Now the real learning begins. Becoming a mom has changed my life, my view of the world and especially my television habits (so long, Law & Order SVU, hello Sofia the First).

Here are just a few things I’ve learned in the six months that Amelia has graced us with her presence:

  1. Sleep is not for the weak (and neither is online shopping).
    Sleep is for those who do not want to be weak. I didn’t catch many Zs during the first weeks of Amelia’s life. And sleep deprivation can cost you money. How? Because you make rash online shopping choices when you’re so tired that you’re delusional…and you have an Amazon Prime account…and everything for baby girls is so adorable that you must own it. My advice is to get some shuteye whenever you can, whether or not you have kids. I will never understand why babies and kids fight naps—they’ll regret that later when naps aren’t allowed (and are even frowned upon) at work. Also, delete any apps off of your phone that make it easy to buy in “just one click.” You can thank me later.
  2. Gone are the days of me saying “coupons, schmoupons.”
    I’ve always LOVED a bargain and am an advocate of using coupons, but there were some times when I’d get so many in the mail that I’d recycle them because I “didn’t have time” to sort through them for the ones I wanted to use. Boy, did I not understand how valuable time was. Never again. I can get two high-calorie, cheese filled burritos for the price of one? This means that I don’t have to cook tonight AND it’s a bargain? Score! (I still cook throughout the week, but some evenings it’s rough and I want food to magically appear in front of me.) I’ve now turned into a crazy coupon (including online discount codes) lady, and I’m proud of it. Maybe I should get a special jacket made.
  3. Routines are not mundane.
    Pretty much everyone has a routine—get up, go to school/work, head home, do stuff, go to bed, get up the next day and start over. All of that gets thrown out of the window when you have your first baby (with the second it might be a tad easier). I mean, good luck telling a baby that lunch isn’t going to be served until noon and they’ll just have to wait. No, seriously, try it. She’ll cry, you’ll cry—we’ll ALL cry! Once your entire schedule is thrown off, you realize how helpful a routine can be. For the first couple of months, I didn’t have a routine and I felt completely lost. To be honest, it really wasn’t until I came back to work that a real schedule started, and it made me feel so much more productive. And sane. So, while it may seem a bit tedious, a routine definitely helps you stay organized and get things done. And that makes everyone happy.

I can’t fit all of what I’ve learned into one blog, but these are some of the most important ones. I’ve also learned about a new type of love that I never knew existed. The love of a child is like nothing else I’ve experienced, and I’m enjoying every exhausting minute of it. And I have to admit, sometimes Jeremy and I find ourselves watching kid shows even when Amelia isn’t around. Who wouldn’t want to know the lesson Sofia is going to learn at the end of the episode?

Here are a couple of great shots from our recent family photo shoot with our friend and awesome San Diego photographer, Michael Lawrence!

Parents kissing their baby daughter.

Baby girl.

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Heidi Everly

Heidi Everly

Heidi has had an affinity for writing since a very young age. From cheesy poems in elementary school to term papers at San Diego State University where she earned her B.A. in English, she has always valued writing as a strong communication tool. Heidi began her career at Mission Fed in May of 2008 as an Executive Assistant to the President and CEO. She joined the Marketing Team in 2011, where she is now the Marketing & Online Community Specialist. Along with writing copy for many marketing campaigns and blogs, Heidi is also the voice of Mission Fed in the Online Community.

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