Mission Fed Money Match Winners

We love thanking our members for choosing Mission Fed, and our $1 Million Mission Fed Money Match is our way of saying, “Thanks a million!”

  October Totals 2016 Year to Date
Payout Type Number of Winners Payout Amount Number of Winners Payout Amount
Auto 6 $2,263 60 $21,797
CC Purchase 380 $25,998 3,109 $233,895
Debit Purchase 1,330 $65,710 10,920 $539,808
Direct Deposit 2 $4,000 20 $24,775
Home Loans 1 $1,354 10 $14,698
Total 1,719 $99,324 14,119 $834,973

Check out the stories from some of our winners:

William M. with giant check When William M. won a Credit Card purchase match he knew exactly what to do with the extra cash—put it towards his hobby, fixing up classic cars.
Crystal H. with giant check Crystal H. is a busy mom and her Credit Card purchase match will come in handy when taking care of her family. She plans to treat her kids to a little something extra with her winnings.
Verona E. with giant check Verona E., a dedicated educator, was thrilled to have her Debit Card purchase matched! She likes to have fun and this extra cash will help her do just that.
Kevin C. with giant check Kevin C. didn’t just win a Home Loan payment match, he’s also a great dad, too! Kevin plans to put the extra money towards his children’s education funds.
Joanne T. with giant check Joanne T. felt like her direct deposit match was a gift. She was in need of a little extra money, and like magic, extra money appeared right in her account. Now, that’s a Mission Fed Moment.
Tom M. with giant check Tom M. won a Credit Card purchase match! He’s excited to share the prize with his daughter who’s expecting a new addition to the family.
Victoria C. with giant check Victoria C. won a Credit Card purchase match and used the extra funds towards bills and a treat for her dog, Zane.
Linda M. and Dan with giant check Linda M. and Dan had their Auto Loan payment matched! With plans to add a new deck onto their cabin, the extra cash will help them enjoy the serene outdoors that much more.
Vrishali D. with giant check Vrishali D. and her family had their Home Loan payment matched. Her son has a few ideas on how to spend their winnings, but for now, they’re planning to save up for a rainy day.
Yvonne B. with giant check Yvonne B. was excited to win an Auto Loan payment match and looks forward to enjoying some extra cash this summer.
Jessica N. with giant check Jessica N. had her Direct Deposit matched just in time for a birthday vacation. Bon Voyage, Jessica!
Cathy F. with giant check Cathy F. won a Debit Card match and is happy to have some extra spending money for her trip to Cancun.
Marcia F. with giant check Marcia F. won a $500 Auto Loan payment match, just in time for the end of the traditional school year and the beginning of some fun in the sun this summer.
Eleanor T. with giant check Eleanor T. won a $250 Credit Card match and plans to use the extra funds toward an upcoming trip.
Craig W. with giant check Craig W. and his wife Christine won a $250 Credit Card match - their third time as Money Match winners! When Craig isn’t keeping on eye on their winnings, he’s looking out for people’s safety as a lifeguard during the summer.
Rachel S. with giant checkRachel S. was pleasantly surprised to be a Money Match Credit Card winner ,and now follows us on Facebook so she can keep up to date with what we're doing in the community.
Gil B. and his family with giant checkGil B. (pictured here with his family) was a recent Auto Loan match winner and is looking forward to an upcoming family trip.
Robert F. with giant checkRobert F. was a recent and very happy Auto Loan Payment match winner. The extra funds came just in time for him to take a vacation in Mexico.
Shari D. with giant check Shari D. was thrilled to find out that she was a recent Home Loan Payment match winner. As a local teacher, she puts every dollar to good use and is a very happy Mission Fed member.
Sandy M. with giant check Sandy M. was pleasantly surprised to find an extra $250.00 in her account. And Mission Fed was happy to match her Credit Card payment for January! Congratulations, Sandy, we love making our members smile.
Lorraine M. and her husband with giant check Steve and Lorraine were delighted to win a Mission Fed $1 Million Money Match in January! “I’m excited to have this happen during my lifetime. It’s an early birthday present!” Lorraine, who will celebrate her birthday soon, exclaimed. We’re happy to celebrate with you too, Lorraine!
Patty P. and his daughters with giant check Patty P. is excited to have won a Credit Card match in January. She plans to use it towards the cost of her new roof, which was recently installed.
Adrienne D. with giant check Adrienne D. won a Credit Card match in January and already put the extra money to good use by applying it towards her credit card balance. Now that’s a smart way to allocate your winnings!
Agustin G. and his daughters with giant check Agustin G., pictured here with daughters Karlie and Delaney, was a Home Loan Payment match winner in December—just in time to cover some extra spending for the holidays!
Don S. with giant check Don S. had his Auto Loan payment matched and he was thrilled to be a winner.

Terri R. with giant check Terri R. was a recent Auto Loan Payment winner, and plans to use her match on an upcoming Hawaiian vacation with family.
Daniel and Kathy E. with mini check Kathy and Daniel E. won an Auto Loan match in September for their son’s car payment and plan to do something fun with the money.
Deborah R. with mini check Deborah R. was an October Debit Card match winner and was pleasantly surprised to see the extra funds in her account.
Alexandria E with giant check Alexandria E. noticed one of her Debit Card transactions had been matched in August when she checked her eStatement, and it brought a smile to her face. She used her match to fill up her gas tank and was thrilled to have a little bit of extra cash to get where she needed to go!
Mallory W with giant check Mallory W.—pictured with daughters Ellie (L) and Ivy (R)—was thrilled to receive an email (also known as the “best email ever!”) saying that she and her husband had won a Mission Fed Money Match for their recent Credit Card purchase of Halloween Time Disneyland tickets for Ellie’s 4th birthday. They’re using their “match” to stay at the Disneyland Hotel.
Thomas R with giant check Here’s our latest Money Match winner—Thomas R. He won a Mortgage Payment match in July and was thrilled to find out the good news.
Linda S with giant check Linda S. won her Direct Deposit match in July, just in time for her summer vacation and needing the extra income after retiring from teaching.
Javier A with giant check Javier won for his Mission Fed Credit Card, and was excited when we noticed the extra money in his account. He plans to use the extra cash to help pay for some projects around the house.
Patricia T with giant check Patricia knew about the Money Match program from seeing it advertised on our website, but never thought she’d win for her Auto Loan. She and her husband are retired and plan to use the money to fund their summer fun!
Kevin and Kelly H with giant check Kevin and Kelly H. were excited to have one of their Credit Card purchases matched in April—and mentioned that they’d been Money Match winners last year as well.
Erin K. with giant check Erin’s Debit Card purchase was for something special for her daughter’s birthday, even though it wasn’t in her budget. She was elated to win and caused quite a scene in the branch when she found out about the happy surprise!
Justin H. with giant check Justin H. won his second Debit Card match in February, making him a happy member twice over.

Check out the stories from some of our 2014 winners:

Robyn M. with giant check Robyn M. was a Direct Deposit Money Match winner in November. He plans to use the extra cash to help pay for Christmas gifts for his nephews.
Alexis M. with giant check Alexis M. was a Credit Card payment Money Match winner. She used the extra cash on her trip to Spain—and she was excited to visit for the first time since studying abroad.
Roya M. with giant check Roya M. was a Money Match winner for her Credit Card payment. She joined Mission Fed to take advantage of a Credit Card balance transfer offer and was happy to find out she won.
Photo of Aaron W. with giant check Member Aaron W. was a winner for using his Mission Fed Debit Card. It was a happy surprise for him to find out he won, and he said “Every dollar helps!” especially as a self-employed wedding photographer.
Photo of Sabrina R. with giant check Sabrina R. won a Credit Card purchase match in June, and used the extra money on a vacation in Santa Cruz.
photo of Guillermo G. with giant check Guillermo G. won an Auto Loan Payment Match in March and was excited and surprised when he got the notice. He exclaimed, "I never win anything!"
Michael W. won a Credit Card purchase match in February, and used the extra money on some repairs to keep his car running smoothly. Michael W. won a Credit Card purchase match in February, and used the extra money on some repairs to keep his car running smoothly.
Pam and Doug H. won their Home Loan payment match in January. They plan to make a donation to Rady Children’s Hospital in their granddaughter’s name and upgrade their motorcycle. Pam and Doug H. won their Home Loan payment match in January. They plan to make a donation to Rady Children’s Hospital in their granddaughter’s name and upgrade to an Electra Glide Ultra Harley Davidson motorcycle.
Monica S., one of our December Home Loan Payment match winners. Monica S., one of our December Home Loan Payment match winners.

Congratulations to all who have won so far—we look forward to giving many more members great news this year!