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Mission Federal Money Market Accounts
If you’re looking for a

San Diego Money Market Account with competitive rates

and more access than a Certificate Account, take advantage of the benefits of a Mission Fed Money Market Account. This type of savings account offers the convenience of a liquid account with the ability to earn higher dividend rates based on tiered balances, without the term conditions of a certificate account.

Check out Mission Fed Money Market rates, right here in San Diego—right here at Mission Fed


Money Market benefits:

  • Competitive dividend rates based on balance tiers
  • $2,500 minimum balance for dividends (no penalties for balances less than $2,500)
  • Free online, branch and phone access
  • No monthly fee
  • Convenient overdraft protection*

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*In compliance with Federal Banking Regulation D, telephones and automated Savings withdrawals are limited to comply with the regulation. During any calendar month, you may not make more than six withdrawals or transfers to another Mission Federal Credit Union Account of yours or to a third party by means of a preauthorized or automatic transfer, telephonic order or instruction. If you use automated methods to make transfers or withdrawals from Savings, fewer than six telephone or home banking transfers or withdrawals are allowed. Automated methods include overdraft protection transfers to checking accounts and automatic withdrawals made through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) or preauthorized draft withdrawals (i.e., bill payment, insurance premiums).