Credit Union Business Accounts in San Diego

Credit Union Business Accounts

Are you looking to open a Business Checking Account in San Diego? Although there are many banks and credit unions with online banking, our Business Checking Accounts are tailored to your business needs, with Mission Fed personal service. Mission Fed offers credit union Business Accounts designed to meet the daily transaction needs of large and small business owners alike. Choose a business checking account that's right for you and enjoy the same personalized Mission Fed service you get with our personal accounts.

Which Checking Account is right for my business?

Mission Fed offers a couple of different Business Checking Accounts, including Business Standard Checking and Business Dividends Checking with Platinum Debit Card, which is available upon approval. When opening either checking account, a minimum balance of $100 is required. The monthly service fee is waived for both account types as long as an average daily minimum balance of $2,500 is maintained with our Business Standard Checking, or a $5,000 average daily balance is maintained with our Business Dividend Checking. Enjoy savings from a waived monthly service fee with our credit union business accounts! While both account types offer overdraft protection, the Business Standard Checking is best for low deposit activity and the Business Dividend Checking is best for active deposit activity and debit card purchases. Before applying to open a credit union business checking account with Mission Fed, look at the selections below and see which Business Checking Account would work best for your business needs. Whether it is a Business Standard Checking or a Business Dividend Checking account, both options offer great additional services and benefits. Both accounts come with overdraft protection, a waived monthly service fee, free cash deposits, and a platinum debit card. Mission Fed is here to help!
* Refer to Business Fee Schedule

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Complete your daily transactions in confidence when working with our specialized business products and services. Choose the time and place that’s convenient for you, when signing up for our business checking San Diego services with our easy online reservation system.


Options Business Standard Checking Business Dividend Checking
Best for Low check writing
and deposit activity
Active check writing
and deposit activity
Overdraft protection Yes!
Minimum opening balance $100
Monthly fee Waived with a $2,500
average daily balance
Waived with a $5,000
average daily balance
Maximum free checks cleared/ deposited * 100 125
Maximum free cash deposits * $3,000
Dividend No Yes
Platinum Debit Card Available upon approval
Whether you are looking for further advice on our financial business services, or you want to learn more about our business loans; our friendly team of experts is ready to guide you on your financial future.

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