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Knocking Down Walls—in a Good Way

Sherry Carr, SVP Consumer Lending and Branch NetworkAbout a year ago, I wrote my first post for The Bottom Line Blog. During that time, I was engrossed in a home remodel, and shared that we were tearing down walls, refinishing wood floors, redesigning the kitchen, purchasing furniture and choosing new appliances.

We were thrilled with the results, but it was definitely a journey getting the house back in order and to the point where we could enjoy our new kitchen and family room. At that time, we said, “Never again!”

Well, it’s a year later—and I’m in the midst of yet another home remodel. This time, it’s the master bedroom and bathroom. We’ve got more missing walls and a big, gaping hole in the floor. On top of that, this time around, we’re replacing the heater, so we’ve been without heat for about two weeks now. I don’t know what we were thinking when we decided to remodel during the cold, rainy months of March and April! My saving grace is thinking about what the house will look like when the construction is done, and then I can really say, “Never again!”

I deal with remodels in my position at Mission Fed, too—branch remodels. And I definitely see the similarities between remodeling a home and remodeling a branch. The parallel that comes to mind is during the beginning phase of the project. Before a hammer even touches a wall, both a home contractor and branch contractor scope out the project to find how the space is currently being utilized and how it will be used in the future. The Mission Fed Facilities Team leads the remodeling projects for Mission Fed, and they do a wonderful job working with the Branch Manager and our vendors to create the best branch environment for our membership.

Mission Fed regularly remodels branches throughout the year. We recently remodeled our Vista Branch and just welcomed Vista members to the Grand Re-Opening event on March 24. The Vista Branch is one of our oldest branch locations and was opened in 1967. If you are a member who frequents this branch, I think you’ll enjoy the new remodel when you have a chance to visit. If you’re in the Vista area, stop by and see us—our wonderful Vista team will be glad to assist you!

While my attitude after our recent home remodels is, “Never again!” my approach here at Mission Fed is an enthusiastic, “What’s next?!” The next project is relocating our Linda Vista Branch to a new and more prominent location that’s right down the street, less than 1/5 mile away. The last day of business at the current Linda Vista location is Saturday, April 28 and the new location will be opening Monday, April 30, at 5375 Napa St. #101, near the Trolley Station.

Mission Fed’s bottom line is our members’ success, and that includes ensuring that our branch locations and facilities are designed with you in mind. There are more branch remodels planned for 2012 and beyond, but that is top secret for now. What I will tell you is that there are no more remodels planned for my home