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It’s Never Too Soon—or Too Late—to Save

Sherry Carr, SVP Consumer Lending and Branch NetworkI had a busy weekend that included attending a baby shower for my niece, Amanda. She’s having a daughter and they plan on naming her Olivia. I also threw a Super Bowl Party and had the opportunity to play with my 10-month-old godson, Rocky. After shopping for gifts for the baby shower and Rocky, I’m amazed at what new parents have available to make their lives more comfortable and convenient! They have interactive toys that are multi-lingual, gadgets that make baby wipes warm and baby food with spoon attachments—all you need to do is squeeze and point it at the baby’s mouth! Not to mention the carriers, swings and chairs that practically put the baby to sleep for you. No more days of putting the carrier on top of the washing machine or driving around in the car, praying for the baby to fall asleep.

Those comments probably give you a good idea of how old my children are. Jared, now 24 years old, is in Australia getting his Master’s Degree in Business and Finance. Nathan is 20 and attending Cal State Los Angeles, where he’s studying Fire Science to pursue his dream of becoming a firefighter. The years just seemed to fly by and now both my sons are in college and starting their lives as young adults. I’m a very proud parent.

This makes me think about how quickly time goes by, and that one day, Rocky and Olivia will head off to college. With increasing tuition, the rise in college housing costs and limited government funding, it would be a good idea for their parents to start thinking about investing in education savings fund to make sure they’re prepared for the upcoming expenses. Investing in your children’s future is a wise venture. They will be competing for jobs one day, and having an undergraduate degree or higher may set them apart from the other candidates.

Mission Fed offers our members a wide variety of financial services and we’re here to help you manage and save—not only for education, but for retirement and anything else that is important to you. Starting to save early is an advantage, but it’s necessary throughout all stages of life. I’ve certainly gone through many changes in my life and I wish I had started my financial planning when I was holding Jared and rocking him to sleep. He’s too big to rock now, but not too big to access mom’s checking account!

I think it’s a great advantage to know what options you have and how to achieve your financial health and success. With our busy lives, we can all fall back on excuses not to deal with our financial future. Who has the time? Finding time to plan your long-term financial needs can be daunting, but that is precisely why it needs to be done. Think you’re too young? No way—that’s the best time to strategize for the steps ahead and what changes life may bring. Too old? Never! At Mission Fed, we can find solutions and ideas for both pre and post-retirement.

Come visit us today and start saving for your future. You know how time flies—and you won’t regret it!