Financial Literacy

One of the jobs of a parent is to teach their children how to save money; quite often, this involves household chores and a piggy bank. While this is a good primer on instilling financially wise habits, for some reason, many parents neglect to continue this financial tutelage as their child grows into a teenager and then adulthood. As a result, far too many people enter their adult years without a savings account or a significant amount of money in the account they do have.

Mission Federal Credit Union has been serving the financial needs of San Diegans since 1961, and now with more than 245,000 members—we’re also the largest locally based financial institution exclusively serving San Diego County. Learn why so many San Diegans trust us with their financial needs.
When preparing to travel, it’s critical that you take steps to keep your money and your information safe from fraud. Bring items that can help you safely pay for necessities, like a credit card, debit card and small amount of cash, along with phone numbers you might need if you lose your essentials. Leave items at home that might give away important information, like your checkbook, social security card or birth certificate. Take extra precautions with your laptop or mobile devices, avoid public Wi-Fi and computers and make sure you tell your bank that you’re traveling. When you get home, check statements and your credit report and look out for suspicious activity. Contact Mission Fed to get more security tips.
As we all know, real estate owners pay a tax on the property they own. The tax is based on the market value of the property, which is generally set based on the latest sale price of the property. Find out how this proposed real estate tax law change to Proposition 13 could affect all of us financially.
Mission Fed is able to make a difference in our community because of our member-owners. We began as a credit union serving the educational community, and we have continued our commitment to education and to the San Diego community. We have a number of programs that support, donate or offer services to local schools and nonprofits, as well as programs thanking our members for helping us make a difference in the community. Whether you join Mission Fed to help make a difference in the community, or to help make a difference in your own life, your membership is a part of making our mission a reality. At Mission Fed, your success is our bottom line.
The holidays are tough on most people’s finances, but it is possible to get back on track if you went over budget. You should start by repaying any holiday debt and then you can replenish your savings throughout the year. Over the next few months, plan ahead for the funds you’ll need for a summer vacation or for the next holiday season. This way, you can be prepared and save for your purchases in advance. With a good plan, you can get your finances back on track for 2019.
Do you ever wonder how other San Diegans manage their credit card debt? To help our members, Mission Fed conducted a survey to help answer just that. We surveyed 400 San Diegans to find out how they use their credit cards and how Mission Fed can help them pay off their credit card debt. See their responses now.
94 percent of American millennials plan on making financial resolutions in 2019, and here’s the infographic that can help you do that successfully. Draft a financial plan to meet your goals and then stop by and find out how Mission Fed can help you with your financial resolutions now and throughout 2019.
Do you know how to identify a common money scam? We can help you identify the scam and protect your accounts and personal information from thieves. Learn what to look for now.
It’s helpful to hear new tips for saving money around the holidays, so Mission Fed asked some experts for their favorite money-saving tricks. Starting to shop and save early is a clear theme, with one expert starting her shopping in August. Other shopping suggestions include looking at secondhand and store brand options to discover great deals on excellent finds. Choosing no- or low-cost gifts was another idea, encouraging thoughtful gifting over spending. Finally, experts suggest taking advantage of free resources and savings help available to you through your financial institution. Read on to find out how to save money this holiday season!


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