Mission Fed Money Match

Mission Fed Money Match

, where

our members will win $1 Million


Our $1 Million Mission Fed Money Match is just one way we thank our members for choosing Mission Fed. All year long, we’ll be rewarding members by matching the dollar amount of their loan payment, Debit or Credit Card purchase or Direct Deposit.

What you could win

Drawings Every Day Now through December 31, 2016
Mission Fed Debit Card purchase
35 members
Up to $100 each
Credit Card purchase
10 members
Up to $250 each
Drawings Every Month
Auto Loan payment
6 members
Up to $500 each
Home Loan payment
1 member
Up to $2,500
Direct Deposit
2 members
Up to $2,000 each

We make it easy

There’s no need to enter—we’ll choose winners at random. You could be next!

Who’s won so far?

Check out how many members have won so far, how much they’ve won and photos of some of the winners—just click here!

Your success is our bottom line, and this is one more way that we’re showing our appreciation all year long.

We encourage you to read all of the details. Please take a look at the Official Rules below.

Mission Fed Money Match Full Rules