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In San Diego, many of us need cars to get to work and to explore our beautiful county. When looking for a car, there are lots of calculations to consider, such as, "Should I buy or lease?" "How much can I afford?" and "How much will my car cost me?"

At Mission Fed, we are committed to help you with your financial decisions. One way we can help you clarify your budget is with our set of Car Loan Calculators.

Our "Should I lease or purchase a car?" Calculator lets you compare the costs of a lease vs. a car loan, including sales tax, loan amount and vehicle depreciation, so you can compare the month-by-month cost of each option. It also shows you the balance of your Auto Loan and your estimated vehicle value at the time of expiration of the lease. This calculator puts the numbers side by side so you can easily see the financial differences between the two.

You can use our "How much will my auto payments be?" Calculator to get a sense of what an Auto Loan payment would be, based on the value of the car you want, taxes, your trade-in and the loan length, along with your interest rate and down payment. You can play with this tool to find ways to match up the car you want with a payment you're comfortable with.

Our "How much car can I afford?" Calculator lets you plug in your preferred monthly loan payment, the length of the loan and the interest rate to see the purchase price that fits in your desired parameters, taking into account taxes, rebates, trade-ins and your down payment.

Some people may choose to pay extra on their Auto Loan payment in order to pay it off sooner and save on interest. Our "Should I accelerate my auto loan payments?" Calculator shows you how paying extra each month will affect the total interest you will pay on your loan, how much money you could save and how much quicker you can pay off your loan.

Some dealers offer cash rebates to customers if they finance a car purchase with them. Our "Should I take a rebate or low-cost financing?" Calculator allows you to see if you will save more money with the rebate or with lower-cost financing.

Mission Fed has a range of resources to support you in your search for the car you want at a payment that you are comfortable with, including these calculators. We offer our Bottom Line Rates on Auto Loans with programs that let you periodically skip a payment on a qualifying loan, with Mission Skip-A-Pay. A convenient car buying service through our partner Autoland does the car shopping and negotiating for you, with delivery to your preferred Mission Fed Branch. We are happy to offer these tools to help simplify the car buying experience for you.

Interactive calculators are made available as self-help tools, and we cannot and do not guarantee their accuracy or applicability to your circumstances. All examples are hypothetical and are for illustrative purposes only. Calculators are not intended to provide investment advice, and we encourage you to seek personalized advice from qualified professionals regarding all your personal financial issues.

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